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J&J Technologies Inc.
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Phone: 508.291.3803
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  Capabilities & Services


  • Surface Mount - Solder paste printing, pick & place, reflow (hot air convection), inspection and rework.
  • Through-Hole - Wave solder (lead and lead free), inspection, rework, and aqueous cleaning.
  • Electro-Mechanical - Final product assembly including the assembly and integration of chassis, power supply, cables and functional test.
  • Testing - In-circuit, functional, Quality Assurance testing.
  • Solder - Lead-free (SN/Ag/Cu), (SN) and eutectic (Sn63/Pb37), both no-clean and water soluble.
  • Prototype - The ability to respond to design changes typical at the prototype and pre-production stages.
  • Failure Analysis - X-ray joint evaluation, micro-sectioning.
  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) - Unsurpassed defect detection 
  • Full Turnkey Capabilities - Purchasing, incoming inspection, secure stock area.

Production floor

X-Ray Evaluation X-Ray Evaluation

X-Ray Evaluation                       Mirtec AOI

  • Rigid and flexible printed circuit boards, FR-4, G-10, Rogers, Polyimide, Kapton, Teflon. HASL, OSP, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, ENIG and gold plating, IS-410 (RoHS/lead free compatible).

  • Single or double sided printed circuit board assembly with both pure or mixed technology components.
  • Thermal Clad (T-Clad).

  • Populate all component types including BGA, uBGA, multichip modules, fine pitch and quad flat packages.

  • Conformal coating with acrylic and urethane based materials.

  • Omega cleanliness testing.
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